Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2, post 2

In the second section of my book it starts off with David and his stepmother arguing about pointless things and David crosses the line and says his dad doesn’t love her as much and he loved his real mom, and Rose slaps him. Later that night when David's dad gets home he only hears Rose’s side of the story and he sends David to his room for the night. While in his room David thinks he hears his mothers voice calling him from the garden, so he goes outside and to the garden but the sound had been drowned out by a loud thundering noise, that noise was a German fighter plane that was falling from the sky so David crawls into a whole in a brick wall at the back of the garden and when he looks to see where he is he is in a dark lush forest. So David looked behind him to see where he had come from and there were only trees, he had entered another world. He hesitantly starts walking around not sure what to make of what just happened when he sees the woodsman. David is scared at first because the woodsman is big and he is carrying a bloody ax. But the man explains it’s for wolves and he cares for this forest and David warms up to him. David asks for help from the woodsman to get back to his home world and the woodsman says he doesn’t know how either but he says the king of his land might. So they are just leaving the woodsman’s cottage at the end of the section.

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