Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2, post 2

In the second section of my book it starts off with David and his stepmother arguing about pointless things and David crosses the line and says his dad doesn’t love her as much and he loved his real mom, and Rose slaps him. Later that night when David's dad gets home he only hears Rose’s side of the story and he sends David to his room for the night. While in his room David thinks he hears his mothers voice calling him from the garden, so he goes outside and to the garden but the sound had been drowned out by a loud thundering noise, that noise was a German fighter plane that was falling from the sky so David crawls into a whole in a brick wall at the back of the garden and when he looks to see where he is he is in a dark lush forest. So David looked behind him to see where he had come from and there were only trees, he had entered another world. He hesitantly starts walking around not sure what to make of what just happened when he sees the woodsman. David is scared at first because the woodsman is big and he is carrying a bloody ax. But the man explains it’s for wolves and he cares for this forest and David warms up to him. David asks for help from the woodsman to get back to his home world and the woodsman says he doesn’t know how either but he says the king of his land might. So they are just leaving the woodsman’s cottage at the end of the section.

week 2, post 1

“Then find routines that allow you to feel secure when they are done. You told me that you have a new brother: look to him each morning. Look to your father, and your stepmother. Tend to the flowers in the garden, or in the pots upon the windowsill. Seek others who are weaker than you are, and try to give them comfort where you can. Let these be your routines, and the rules that govern your life.” (p.94) I picked this quote for a couple of reasons. The main reason I chose this quote is because of who said it, the woodsman said it. The woodsman is a guy that David met in the new world he traveled to. The other reason I picked this quote is because I thought it showed the woodsman’s character very well; he is kind loving and smart. Two words I didn’t know when I was reading were, recluse: a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society. (p.89) and copse: a thicket of small trees or bushes; a small wood. (p.98)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

week 1, post 2

In the first section of my book I have read about a character named David. David is a boy who lost his mother to an unnamed disease. At first he deals with this death by reading books to get his mind off the pain, then the books started talking to him and he went to a psychiatrist who didn’t really seem to help him much. Later his dad started seeing a girl named Rose and David gets really mad, he gets even more furious when she gets pregnant. But this story is taking place in the time of World War II so other things are kind of keeping his mind off that. Because of the war his dad has to change jobs and he now works for the government as a guy who tries translating German codes, and with the job change they move in with Rose where David has a new room filled with old books that he buries himself in because he has no one around besides his dad.

2nd quarter reading, week 1, post 1

Abide: to remain; continue; stay. (p.14). adhere: to stay attached; stick fast; cleave; cling. (P.15). One theme I saw in the book so far that I think will persist throughout the entire book is the fact that his mom died and he is mourning that.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sea Inside Post 3. Make up Work

At this point I don't remember specific scenes but I do remember when people would talk to Ramond they would obviously be taller then him so the high camera angle from Ramond's visitors personal view were looking down upon him and I feel that happened because the film maker wanted to show that Ramond felt that people didn't really respect him and they literally and metaphorically looked down on him. I feel this is important because the movie is about Ramond not liking himself with locked in syndrome and wanting to die.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

book info

the book i am reading is called The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly. The Book of Lost Things was published in 2006. the book is a mystery fiction book and it is 339 pages long. The evidence as to why this book is challenging to a high school sophomore is one, that its pretty lengthy, and two because it was on Mr. Hattens list of book suggestions, and it wouldnt be on there if it was too easy. i chose this book because none of the other suggestions looked interesting to me besides one other, but that was sold out, so i chose this book; i also chose it because i liked the cover.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sea inside post 2. make up assignment

The similarities in the diving bell and the butterfly and the sea inside are obviously that they both have locked in syndrome and the stories are just about how difficult life is when you’re paralyzed. Another similarity is they both seem to have very detailed day dreams that seem almost unreal. To me the major differences between the two stories is that Bauby actually did something productive and accepted who he was and Ramon didn’t like who he was and killed himself. I thought the sea inside was more powerful because I’m a visual learner and I connected more with the movie then the book. Also Ramon acts more depresses and he talked about it a little more then Bauby so I felt worse for him.

sea inside post 1. make up assignment

Over all I thought the movie was pretty good for a movie we watched in school but I wouldn’t ever choose to watch it. I don’t really blame Ramon for wanting to die, I cant imagine life not being able to move would be much fun, and I agree with what he says about it being not very dignifying because he wouldn’t be able to do anything for himself. I don’t really understand why the court cared, like I can see the one lady wanting to have the pastor guy come in to talk to him about it and try changing his opinion, but I don’t think they should be able to tell him that he can or cant kill himself. His eventual reactions of killing himself to me is fine because that’s what he wanted to do and that’s what he believed in so I say why not. Though it may seem weird that his friends are helping him die I think that they are really good friends because even though they will lose Ramon they can see that he is miserable and would much rather be dead so they respect his decision.