Wednesday, November 21, 2007

week 1, post 2

In the first section of my book I have read about a character named David. David is a boy who lost his mother to an unnamed disease. At first he deals with this death by reading books to get his mind off the pain, then the books started talking to him and he went to a psychiatrist who didn’t really seem to help him much. Later his dad started seeing a girl named Rose and David gets really mad, he gets even more furious when she gets pregnant. But this story is taking place in the time of World War II so other things are kind of keeping his mind off that. Because of the war his dad has to change jobs and he now works for the government as a guy who tries translating German codes, and with the job change they move in with Rose where David has a new room filled with old books that he buries himself in because he has no one around besides his dad.

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