Wednesday, November 14, 2007

sea inside post 1. make up assignment

Over all I thought the movie was pretty good for a movie we watched in school but I wouldn’t ever choose to watch it. I don’t really blame Ramon for wanting to die, I cant imagine life not being able to move would be much fun, and I agree with what he says about it being not very dignifying because he wouldn’t be able to do anything for himself. I don’t really understand why the court cared, like I can see the one lady wanting to have the pastor guy come in to talk to him about it and try changing his opinion, but I don’t think they should be able to tell him that he can or cant kill himself. His eventual reactions of killing himself to me is fine because that’s what he wanted to do and that’s what he believed in so I say why not. Though it may seem weird that his friends are helping him die I think that they are really good friends because even though they will lose Ramon they can see that he is miserable and would much rather be dead so they respect his decision.

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