Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top Ten List

1. David – he is the main character so he is obviously very important. In the beginning of the book I didn’t really like him because he was really annoying with his stupid routines that didn’t work and as the story went on he didn’t seem as weird and I started to relate with him.
2. David’s mom – if she wouldn’t have died David’s dad wouldn’t have moved to his new wife’s house and David would have never been hit by the plane and he wouldn’t have been knocked out and went to this land and then the book would have been about nothing. So she is very important.
3. David’s family – David’s family is very important because they piss him off which makes him go to the garden where he gets hit by the plane. Also when he is in this imaginary land he uses his family situations to make decisions about the things he is going through.
4. The Crooked Man – The Crooked Man is the main antagonist in the story. Without him David would have made it to the king’s castle in like 10 minutes, found out it was fake, and left the imaginary world. But instead the Crooked Man messes with him and “antagonizes” him making for a nice attempt at a good story.
5. Theme – The only real theme I found in this book is that life sucks and that you just have to make the best of it and try your hardest. Because in the book David doesn’t always get what he wants but he works through it and gets through the day which to me is a good message.
6. Quote - “Then find routines that allow you to feel secure when they are done. You told me that you have a new brother: look to him each morning. Look to your father, and your stepmother. Tend to the flowers in the garden, or in the pots upon the windowsill. Seek others who are weaker than you area, and try to give them comfort where you can. Let these be your routines, and the rules that govern your life.” (p.94) this was a good quote in the book because this was a theme for the rest of the book and the woodsman said it and in my opinion he helped David the most when he was lost in this imaginary world.
7. Setting – The setting of the entire book except two or three chapters is in like three days in this imaginary world of all these weird animals. This is frustrating because the author sums up the rest of his life in one chapter.
8. Style – The book is written from David’s perspective which was also boring to me. But that’s what it was.
9. A reoccurring theme in the book is that David keeps going to all these great lengths to find his dead mother and he keeps thinking she is alive so he never stops trying.
10. I am out of things to write about...

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