Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 7

Overall I didn’t really like this book because it was just a bunch of fairytales that I have already heard before so it bored me. Also it had a bad ending. He finds out the book of lost things he is looking for is just a kid’s book of drawings, the woodsman apparently never died he wakes up from being unconscious and they sum up the rest of his life in 2 chapters which is weird for how long the book is. After he wakes up his step mom has a miscarriage, his dad divorces the girl and he is miserable the rest of his life. Then before he dies he crawls back in the whole in hopes of going to this imaginary land after death. I think this is a terrible ending because he’s obviously not going to go to this land, he’s dead. And what book ends up with the main character dying? I really hated this book.

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