Monday, October 8, 2007

diving bell and the butterfly.

I didn’t like this book one bit as I did not see the educational value of reading the diving bell and the butterfly. The reason I did not like this book is because it bored me. I like books that I can relate to and I could not relate my life to anything Jean – Dominique Bauby said so I never really connected. Another reason I thought this book was boring was because nothing exciting or remotely intriguing ever happened to him so it was quite repetitive when he was speaking of his daily life. I like the idea of reading memoirs, but I just do not know why we couldn’t have been assigned a better, more interesting book with a storyline and a climax. This book didn’t really introduced his character so I never developed any feelings or interest in him or his situation, so even though it is unfortunate this happened to him, I didn’t really have any specific feelings or care about his situation. In conclusion I am glad we are done reading the diving bell and the butterfly as it gave me massive ADD attacks much like an attack someone with asthma would experience after running.

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